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EV Elegant Construction & Remodeling is constituted as a company according to the laws of the State of Texas as an LLC “s” Corporation in 2017, it begins operations mainly as a private contractor in the construction of private works of important companies in the State.
Subsequently, in 2018, it successfully ventures into the promotion and development of residential real estate projects, located both in the urban area of the dynamic city of Houston, as well as in several other states dispersed in the national geography.
Throughout these years of service, full compliance with the agreements, as well as business ethics, have been the pillars that underpin our permanence and growth both in the role of contractors of private works, as in the developer of projects in the industrial sector.


Our vision is to establish ourselves as a leading company in the national market with international projection in construction, remodeling and maintenance services based on the responsible, dedicated and innovative work of its managers and collaborators.Always provide the greatest satisfaction of our customers and related.


We are a company whose mission is to provide construction, remodeling and maintenance services to the community of Houston and other States of the American Union thus contributing to the success of our clients and the development of the Country.
Our main responsibility is to offer a quality service, performing our work under strict safety standards and in harmony with the communities where our activities are carried out; developing with our collaborators the best work practices and expanding our knowledge in a pleasant work environment and achieving an adequate profitability for our clients and for our company, thus creating a mutual benefit.

EV Elegant


We are experts in all forms of Residential, Commercial and Industrial building and remodeling.
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We are highly focused in developing all relationships with integrity, ethics and responsibility to our customers, employees, partners and vendors.


All collaborators develop their functions and interaction with other members of the organization and third parties, maintaining respect for the dignity of the person and differences of opinion.


We are responsible in the development of activities and work, responding and looking after the interests of the communities and environments in which they are carried out.


“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.” (Babe Ruth)


Everybody at E.V. Elegant Construction & Remodeling must carry out all their activities with integrity, therefore they are expected to be upright, honest, dignified and sincere in any circumstance.


We are focused in high quality standards and continuos improvement of all spaces we create and we do it by constantly taking seminars and capacitation.


We are compromised with our customers in the long way prioritizing relationships that go over one job and remain over the time. Because a satisfied customer is our main target.